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What We Do

Your time is your most precious commodity, so let us take the mundane tasks off your plate, enabling you to focus on the more important things in life.


Manage Your

  • Are you trying to get your business navigated to the cloud?  Need help figuring out which solution to use and training the team?

  • Is your inbox exploding?

  • Does a social media plan seem overwhelming? 

  • Does your website need a revamp?​

  • Having issues tracking your team's time and getting invoices out promptly?

As K-W's exclusive personal and virtual assistant service, we understand the challenges of running a small business.  We can help with the above and so much more.

Administrative Support

✓ Document management

✓ Invoice, expense & time tracking support

✓ Phone, email and calendar support

Graphic Design & Website Support

✓ Graphic design

✓ Website design, creation and management

✓ SEO and analytics


IATA-accredited Travel & Tourism professional to assist with:

✓ Ground, air and hotel booking coordination*

✓ Itinerary research

*booked through third-party supplier

IT Services

✓ A+ certified technician

✓ Cloud & Office 365 implementation and support

✓ Troubleshooting and training

Data Management

✓ Analysis, compilation and entry

✓ Database management

✓ Survey creation, analysis deployment and collection

Marketing & Social Media

✓ Copy writing & editing

✓ Marketing materials

✓ Social media campaigns, content management


✓ Awards

✓ Conferences

​✓ Incentives

✓ Industry events

✓ Media/PR events

✓ Product launches

Office Set-Up & Organization

✓ IT set-up

✓ Office organization and decluttering



Manage Your

  • Want your closet to be Instagram-worthy?

  • Want to maximize your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant's capabilities?

  • Going away and need a house sitter that can watch your fur baby?

  • Want someone you trust at home when you can't be and a service technician is required?

As K-W's exclusive personal and virtual assistant service, we know how busy life can be.  Let us help you free up your precious time.


✓ The list is endless... just contact us!

Home Organization

✓ Home decluttering and organization (one-time and seasonal)

Meal Planning

✓ Menu and meal planning

✓ Wine pairing suggestions


✓ Pet sitting

✓ Plant and garden watering

Home IT

✓ A+ certified technician set-up, smartphone integration and troubleshooting for WiFi, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant,  etc.

Home Support

✓ Ensure someone you trust is in the home when  you can't be there and home services are required

Home Decor

✓ Art hanging

✓ Furniture assembly

✓ Home decor procurement

✓ Outdoor urn planting


✓ Dog walking

✓ Feeding



Manage Your

  • Feel like a Georgian Bay fish and chip dinner without ordering takeout and without packing a bag?

  • Know where you want to go but wish someone could pull together a personalized itinerary based on your interests and preferences?

  • Know what you want to take, but don't have time to pack your bags properly?

As K-W's exclusive personal and virtual assistant service we understand the bespoke and curated experiences our clients are looking for.  


✓ Packing



✓ Excursion and activity reservations

✓ Restaurant reservations



✓ Bespoke itinerary coordination from an IATA-accredited Travel & Tourism professional



*booked through third-party supplier

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