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The Fine Print

Because our service is personalized, an initial consultation is generally set-up to understand your personal assistant needs and how best we can help. 

From there, we will provide you with detailed information relating to our fee structure based on your requirements.



For business, home and leisure services, our fee structure varies based on the task or project we are assisting you with; for instance, grocery shopping services would not cost the same as web design services. Some items may be quoted project-style, while others may be by the hour or fee-based. Rest assured, we'll always provide you with an estimate for you to approve in advance.  Feel free to contact us for simple one-time request pricing as well.

For corporate rewards and concierge services, please contact us to discuss your requirements.  We will work with you on a pricing model that fits your organization.




Clients generally pay a retainer (monthly, bi-annually, annually) and retainers are required in advance of services being provided.  




We will provide you with a detailed monthly statement that shows how your retainer is being spent.  Statements are emailed 10-15 days after the month has ended.




In some cases we will take care of third-party costs and simply use you retainer to draw down for these costs.  In other cases, you will have to provide payment directly to the third party.  Based on your requirements, we can discuss what option will work best for you. 




We accept online payments only. Payments can be made directly from emailed invoices.  Please see our Terms and Conditions regarding payment processing.

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